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Woodworking Plans Start To Build Your Own Furniture (🔥 Watch Anywwere) | Woodworking Plans Complete Instructions From Start To Finish.

Woodworking Plans Start To Build Your Own Furniture (🔴 No CC Required) | Woodworking Plans Complete Instructions From Start To Finish.how to Woodworking Plans for Ceiling Woodworking Plans
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Free plans, patterns, books...

Free metalworking and woodworking plans

This category of our site contains a large number of free metalworking and woodworking plans that are suitable for both beginners and experienced craftsmen. Each plan that we have published contains the basic text on the product purpose, product image, exploded view with parts list, detailed assembly drawing with characteristic dimensions of assembly, detailed and precise drawings of each part, drawing with separated standard parts and detailed step-by-step instruction for assemblage in words and pictures.

Free 3D models

Nowadays more and more various CNC machines and 3D printers can be found in small workshops or at various DIY enthusiasts. There are many cheap machines that you can buy, and the Internet offers a number of DIY plans that you can use to make your own CNC machine and 3D printer.  Therefore, we decided to publish on these pages 3D models that are suitable for use on such machines.

Woodworking Plans Start To Build Your Own Furniture (☑ No CC Required) | Woodworking Plans Complete Instructions From Start To Finish.how to Woodworking Plans for Free patterns

Within section Free Patterns you can find various categories of patterns for decoration and using for such techniques as marquetry, intarsia, scroll saw, wood burning, painting, fretwork, carving, etc. These patterns can be downloaded as .ZIP files with motives in vector form (DWG, SVG, EPS) and screened picture in high resolution. If you need to print a motive as a poster in bigger size than format of your printer - see our tutorial for this kind of printing. All the vectors are hand traced, so the curves are smooth and suitable for CNC machines.

Free technical books (science, engineering, craft....)

Free books are great way for expanding your knowledge in various fields without additional costs. You can find many free books on the internet, and in time it will be more and more difficult to find just what you need among the countless existing titles. Therefore, we have made an effort to carefully select the books that we offer related to the thematic fields of our website, and that the quality of the free books published on our website is high. 
Free books on our website contain many links to Free books from various reference websites; we try to publish only the best free books available on the Internet.
In this category we will publish free books from all the areas related to science, technology and craftsmanship.

Technical knowledge


Free software

Growing number of the free software, their quality and the entire free software community has become one of the most positive things that happened in the world of computers in the past few years. The main goal of this category on our website is to introduce you to some quality free software that you can use. We have divided this category into several sub-categories, where you will find classified programs with basic information about their purpose, functionality and the link to the home page of website from where you can download them.


This section is dedicated to all of you, who made some products by our plans, patterns and 3D models, and would like to share images of work with other fellow craftsmen that are visiting our website. This way you would motivate us to continue in our work and inspire other creative people to produce some beutiful and useful things.

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Woodworking Plans Amazing Woodworking Projects (⭐️ Watch Anywwere) | Woodworking Plans Download Guides!!how to Woodworking Plans for     

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